01. Brad fiedel-attack on dyson
02. Brad fiedel-camerons inferno
03. Brad fiedel-desert suite
04. Brad fiedel-escape from the hospital
05. Brad fiedel-hasta la vista, baby
06. Brad fiedel-helicopter chase
07. Brad fiedel-ill be back
08. Brad fiedel-into the steel mill
09. Brad fiedel-its over
10. Brad fiedel-john & dyson into vault
11. Brad fiedel-main title
12. Brad fiedel-our gans goes to cyberdyne
13. Brad fiedel-sarah on the run
14. Brad fiedel-sarahs dream
15. Brad fiedel-swat team attacks
16. Brad fiedel-t 1000 terminated
17. Brad fiedel-tanker chase
18. Brad fiedel-terminator impaled
19. Brad fiedel-terminator revives
20. Brad fiedel-trust me
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  Стиль: Не определено
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